Exclusive Video Interview with Fracture ID Founder and President Chris Neale

Fracture ID: using this tool operators can gather rock characteristics and fracture intersects on every well they drill at about 1/10 the legacy cost; ‘modeling reservoir geomechanics in 3D will change how the industry informs its petrophysical decisions’

At EnerCom’s recent Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day, EnerCom’s Oil & Gas 360® conducted an exclusive video interview with drillbit geomechanics industry leader and reservoir engineer Chris Neale, founder and president of Fracture ID.

Fracture ID’s behind the drillbit tool provides operators very high resolution data to actually guide completions for every well. The data lets operators optimize individual stages by guiding the perf clusters to the best locations for maximum frac potential. Fracture ID is participating in a consortium of operators led by Core Laboratories (ticker: CLB) in a reservoir study that is using the Fracture ID technology to measure 50 -100 wells to statistically validate how stress-balancing of perf clusters increases productivity.

Fracture ID Inc. President Chris Neale at EnerCom's 2017 Oilfield Tech & Innovation Day _____ Fracture ID says its Drillbit Geomechanics™ technology allows operators to place fracs with greater precision that can reduce or eliminate ineffective frac stages and improve ultimate recoveries.